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What is a Kolschbier (Kölsch)?

Kolschbier is a popular “warm weather beer” and German classic. The name Kölsch (pronounced “kelsch”) is derived from its location in Koln, Germany. The name indicates that it was brewed in the traditional style of that particular city. In order to officially be called a Kölsch, the beer must be brewed by a member of the Koln Brewers Union and the name cannot be used by anyone else.

What is a Steam Beer (or California Common)?

The steam beer, or California Common, is an American original and was first produced in California during the Gold Rush (late 19th Century). The style of beer is very much tied to the west coast, and in particular, San Francisco. At its height, this style of beer was brewed by as many as 27 different breweries in California. Today, Steam Beer is a trademarked term and can only be brewed under that name by Anchor Steam Brewing Company in San Francisco, California. Other brewers now use the name California Common for this style.

Originally published in our Craft Beer Club's Micro Brew News, Uinta Brewing Company edition