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What is a Cream Ale?

Cream Ale is an indigenous American beer style. Usually brewed with lager yeast at warmer temperatures, it is a light-colored, mildly-flavored beer, with a base similar to an American Pale Lager. In its heyday, cream ale was also known as Common Beer or Present Use Ale. It was once especially common in the upper Midwest and was one of the few indigenous American beer styles to have survived Prohibition in the United States - due in part to its popularity in Canada where Prohibition was less widespread and shorter.

What is the difference between an Extra Pale Ale and a Pale Ale?

An Extra Pale Ale isn’t a recognized style category, so the term is open to interpretation. Some brewers use the term for an Imperial Ale, which doesn’t quite fit stylistically into either the Pale Ale or IPA category, or just for an incredibly hoppy pale ale that has the body of a Pale Ale but the taste characteristics of an IPA. On the other hand, brewers have used the term for ales lighter colored and lighter bodied than Pale Ales that still have good hop presence.

Originally published in our Micro Brew News' Trivia Time, Grey Sail Brewing edition.