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What does the term 'wet-hopped' refer to?

Usually hops are dried before being used to make beer. Wet-hopped beer uses hops that have been freshly harvested and not dried, which produces unique flavors and aromas. These beers are produced after the hop harvest in August and September, and they’re recommended to drink as fresh as possible.

What is ‘Head Retention’ and why is it important?

The head is the foam that rests on top of the beer after it has been served. Retention is how long the head lasts in your glass. The head exhibits aroma attributes of the beer that are not found after the head has died down, so it is for this reason, as well as aesthetic and stylistic reasons, that a beer with a good long-lasting head is desirable.

What does ‘Pitching’ mean?

‘Pitching’ is simply the brewer’s term for adding yeast to the fermenter when brewing beer.

Originally published in our Micro Brew News' Trivia Time, RJ Rockers Brewing Company edition.