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What do Degrees Lovibond measure in brewing?

The Degrees Lovibond scale is used to measure color or darkness in grains. The higher the number, the darker the malt. The original Lovibond system was created by J.W. Lovibond in 1883, and used colored slides that were compared to the beer color to determine approximate value. For decades, beer was compared to colored glass standards to determine the Lovibond color, and we still use the term “Degrees Lovibond” today to describe the color of grains. The scale starts at zero and goes to over 500.

What is a cask conditioned beer?

Cask ale, or a cask conditioned beer, is unfiltered and unpasteurized beer which is conditioned and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure. The beer still contains live yeast, which continues conditioning the beer in the cask. This process creates a gentle, natural CO2 carbonation and allows malt and hop flavors to develop, resulting in a richer tasting beer with more character. It may also be referred to as Real Ale.

Originally published in the Micro Brew News' Trivia Time, Centennial Beer Company edition.