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What are the 4 main ingredients in beer?

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Water, hops, yeast, and malts. The German Purity Law (also known as the Reinheitsgebot) of 1516 stated that beer could only be made from these ingredients and today, many brewers still adhere to these guidelines. Of course, many brewers experiment with additional ingredients, but when it comes to beer basics, this is typically the place they’ll start.

What is a beer engine?

A beer engine is a manual pump used to dispense cask beers. Cask beers are gravity-fed and rely on a beer engine to pump beer from a cask through the tap and into your glass, as opposed to the more common practice of using gas to push beer through the draft line.

What is an IBU?

IBU stands for ‘international bitterness unit’ and measures the bitterness in a beer. Low IBU beers tend to have a subtle hop profile, while beers with higher IBUs tend to be very hoppy in style.

Originally published in our monthly Craft Beer Club newsletter, Micro Brew News featuring beers from Erie Brewing Company located in Pennsylvania.