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What does "Dubbel" mean on a beer label?

Belgian ales often carry additional wording on their labels indicating their strength. This applies to their original malt strength, not their alcoholic strength. These ales can be marked as enkel (single), dubbel (double), tripel (triple), or quadrupel (quadruple).

What are the top five states for beer consumption per capita?

The top five states for beer consumption per capita are North Dakota, New Hampshire, Montana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Where are most American hops grown and produced?

Hops production is concentrated in moist temperate climates, with America’s most important production centers in the Yakima Valley of Washington, the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and western Canyon County in Idaho. Interestingly, hop plants prefer the same soils as potatoes, and the leading potato-growing states in the United States are also major hops-producing states.

Originally published in our Micro Brew New's Trivia Time, Franconia Brewing Company edition.