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The Beer Opener You Never Knew You Needed - Until Now

Kelsey Chesterfield

We come across our fair share of unique craft beer-related products - some are on the more ultra unique side, if you catch our drift, but this company was one that stood out to us in the best way possible. Their handcrafted, customizable beer openers (and more) are made from beautiful wood and made to last.

WUDN Handcrafted

WUDN creates natural, simple and sustainable products in their woodshop in Boise, Idaho.

And in their words:

The traditional spirit of the Pacific Northwest inspires all WUDN products. In a society where everything is over-designed, our handcrafted wood products are a return to natural simplicity. Using timeless methods, high-quality design and eco-friendly materials, we handcraft every piece.

Not only does that sound like the perfect company policy, but handcrafted products made with the utmost care and attention to detail is exactly what we look for when sourcing the craft beers to be featured in our craft beer of the month club. Which is why we feel confident recommending WUDN’s bottle openers to all of our members!

If you love your craft beer, then you’ll definitely need a trusty, go-to opener. Check out WUDN’s line of beer openers and bar accessories on their website. You won’t be disappointed!

PS. No money or customer information changed hands in the making of this blog post and we do not receive a commission on WUDN sales. We genuinely love their products.

Wudn bottle opener Wudn credit card sized bottle opener

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