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If Brady & Goff Were Beer Styles, What Would They Be?

Super Bowl LIII is here and we know what you’ve all been wondering...if quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Jared Goff were actually beer styles, what style would they be?

We’re happy to announce that the wait is over! Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a Rams fan, there is bound to be beer (preferably craft beer) flowing before, during and after the game. Hopefully you’ve stocked up on your Original Craft Beer Club shipments to supply the crowd!

Tom Brady is an American Imperial IPA Tom Brady = American Imperial IPA/Double IPA

Let’s start off with the veteran of this year’s Super Bowl: Tom Brady. And no, we did not go with a New England IPA! Brady is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in the NFL and winner of a multitude of Super Bowls. That earns him the title of being an American Imperial IPA/Double IPA. Like the American Imperial IPA (also known as a Double IPA) he stems from a classic background, whether it’s starting out as a promising college football player or an underestimated IPA, the two had their eyes on the glorious and elusive end zone.

As the IPA was passed to the west, it made a surprising comeback route when brewers decided to put a distinctly American twist on the beer style by bumping up the alcohol and running with its robust and malty characteristics. Not to mention an intense hoppiness that would have it flagged before the first snap. Brady and the Double IPA have been around for a while and both have definitely made a name for themselves. The two tend to be bold, full-bodied and sometimes even a bit bitter. But neither Brady nor the Double IPA are stopping any time soon and Super Bowl LIII will be yet another chance to prove what they’re made of.

Jared Goff is a Red AleJared Goff = Red Ale

Quarterback for the LA Rams, Jared Goff is still a rookie to the Super Bowl field. Attempting to break out of the pocket and into the elite group of Super Bowl champions, Goff secures the title of Red Ale! The Red Ale beer style is, to some extent, fighting to stand on its own without the looming “Amber Ale” designation along for the rush. Definitely craft in style, both Goff and the Red Ale have unique complexity that can result in both bold and rich qualities while also retaining some of the hoppy dryness and finish strong — for the most part.

Still young compared to say, an American Imperial IPA, Goff and the Red Ale aren’t going to fumble for much longer. They're both planning a calculated route to solidify their name and place at the top! The robust nature of the Red Ale has an intensity that cuts through even the heaviest of opponents, whether it’s an opulently flavored meal, or in Goff’s case, being charged by the New England Patriots. Both are gunning for those 1st downs and pushing the line of scrimmage up the field and while the Red Ale is already red, Goff is bound to be in the red zone on Game Day.

Super Bowl LIII is a toss-up between the two craft beer styles...will the seasoned American Imperial IPA/Double IPA come out on top again or will the Red Ale fight its way into the spotlight? Can’t make up your mind? Technically, you don’t have to! Join our Craft Beer Club and receive 4 different styles of craft beer each month to enjoy while you watch the game.

Let the games begin! And let’s just hope your beer doesn’t go flat in the middle of the game…