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Your Craft Beer Shipments in the Summer Heat

Kelsey Chesterfield

It's hot out...and I mean REALLY hot in some areas of the country this summer and it's only getting hotter. So, how does that affect your Craft Beer Club shipments?

Well, I want to make sure you know that your shipments are sent out from our warehouse to your local carrier in temperature-controlled trucks. And, if you've been receiving regular beer boxes from us, you know that once it gets to the local carrier, it's out for delivery almost immediately.

In the short time between the temperature-controlled truck and your door, the beers should never get hot, but they may not stay at the same cool temp.

BUT, that does NOT mean your beers have gone bad!

Prolonged exposure to heat (we're talking 80˚ or higher) for days on end will start to make the beer taste stale. But a few hours while it's out for delivery won't make a big impact on the flavor or quality of the featured craft beers in your box.

Now, let me debunk some myths surrounding heat and your beloved beer:

1) Heat makes the beers “skunked"...FALSE!
Long exposure to light will make a beer go bad or have that coined 'skunked' taste. But luckily, all the beers we ship are in dark bottles, then placed in shipping pulp, THEN in a brown box and taped up nice and tight. Basically, light isn't getting through that bad boy any time soon.

2) Fluctuating the temperature of your beer will make it go bad...Again, FALSE!
Taking a beer out of the fridge, allowing it to get to room temp or warm, then putting it back in the fridge, just to take it out again, will not cause the beer to go bad. Higher than normal temperatures for extended periods of time will accelerate the oxidation process - the longer it stays out and the higher the temperature, the quicker the oxidation.

But, we're all about keeping your craft beer as chilly as possible for as long as possible from our warehouse to your fridge.

So, that's where my next 3 tips come in:

1) Unpack ASAP!
As soon as you get your shipment - IMMEDIATELY (or as quickly as possible) open the box and stick the beers in the fridge.

2) Store it properly
Make sure they're standing upright. This will allow the yeast to settle to the bottom of the bottles or cans and won't give you a 'yeasty' flavor when you crack it open.

3) Give it some time
Now this is the hard part...LEAVE them be for a few hours or overnight, if possible. You can peek in the fridge to check on them if you really want to because I know you're excited to taste your new brews...but beers are kinda like people - they should be left to relax and settle in to their new environment after their treacherous journey from various breweries across the country. Plus, you'll have a better experience if they have a chance to come back to their ideal temperature.

But all in all, don't worry, we'll do our part in order to get a cold craft beer in your hand so you can enjoy this hot summer weather!