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National Lager Day - December 10th

Sienna Serrao

National Lager Day!!!

Made by thousands of brands, and coming in hundreds of styles, beer truly comes as one of two forms, ale or lager, and December 10th is the day to celebrate Lagers nationwide!

While the 10th of December is deemed National Lager Day, in which this beer category deserves a little extra love, lagers are enjoyed year round by millions of people. This light and bright beverage is a staple for sporting events, barbecues, and gatherings all over the world, but ESPECIALLY in America.

What you MUST know about Lagers on National Lager Day:

  • Lager is the third most popular beverage falling behind water and tea.

  • Lagers are made using a cold-conditioning process, meaning the yeast ferments at colder temperatures.

  • The yeast used for Lagers is called “bottom-fermenting yeast”

  • Lagers are so much more than just the cheap, mass-produced products we see everywhere.

So what fun activities can you participate in to celebrate Lager’s special day?

four friends clinking lagersYou could host a Lager Beer Olympics where you play a series of beer drinking games like beer pong, flip cup, and so many others, BUT you can only play with Lagers.

For less college drinking games a more sophisticated option could be to have an international or craft lager party or 6-pack exchange where each guests brings a 6-pack of craft or international Lagers and you swap a beer for a beer with other guests. This gives you the chance to try a variety of different, yet incredible Lagers.

Another way to enjoy a wide variety of Lagers is to join our Craft Beer Club! We feature all types of different lagers from around the country, along with other beer styles in our monthly beer boxes.

For more information on different styles of Lagers, be sure to check out our beer styles page or previous blogs on Lagers, otherwise have a fantastic National Lager day, and drink up, but do so responsibly!