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Memorial Day Beers & Burgers

Kelsey Chesterfield

Memorial Day is Monday and you know what that means...festivities aplenty with craft beer and burgers! Weekend barbecues have become a staple for celebrating this holiday weekend and you certainly don’t want to run out of beer. So, we’re here to make sure your craft beer game is on point and your burger menu is one to be remembered. For all of you who receive our Craft Beer Club shipments, you’re already ahead of the rest! For everyone else, you’ll need to head on down to the store.

Check out our 5 craft beer and burger pairings that will take your Memorial Day Weekend to the next level. The best part? The burgers are easy to make, and we’ll give you the inside scoop on which beer style to serve with them.

Special Amber Pulled Pork BurgerSpecial Amber Pulled Pork Burger

Toss everything into the slow cooker in the morning and bask in the amazing smell of BBQed Pulled Pork cooking to perfection until the fun begins. Pile it on a bun, add your favorite toppings and you’re in for a treat! It’s a simple way to make delicious burgers ahead of time so you can enjoy your get together without flipping burgers.

• Pair it with an Amber Ale or Red Ale

Spicy Jalapeño and Bacon IPA BurgerSpicy Jalapeño and Bacon IPA Burger

Is your mouth watering yet? This Jalapeño cheddar burger is one of the very best burgers you will ever have, the saltiness from the bacon is balanced by the spice of the jalapeño. Considering this is also an IPA Burger, it’s hard to find anyone that won’t love this one.

• Pair it with an IPA

Mozzarella Burger with Spinach-Arugula PestoMozzarella Burger with Spinach-Arugula Pesto

If you’re in the mood for something a bit fancier, we’ve got a delicious twist on the traditional hamburger. The melted mozzarella cheese with all the fixings is a good burger, but add the secret spinach-arugula pesto sauce and you’re in for an indulgent experience with every single bite!

• Pair it with an American Pale Ale

Dirty Mushroom BurgerDirty Mushroom Burger

What could be better than a Dirty Mushroom Burger and a nice cold beer? Nothing! Stack your burger high with sautéd mushrooms and spinach, then for the final touch, douse it with a creamy, Stout gravy fit for a King and Queen. WARNING: you may have trouble getting your mouth around this one!

• Pair it with a Milk/Sweet Stout

>Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onions BurgerBlue Cheese & Caramelized Onions Burger

Salty blue cheese, sweet onions, and juicy beef are a classic and addictive combination. Plus, it’s everything your friends and family are craving for this weekend’s bash. Cooking the onions is the most time-consuming part of this recipe, but be patient: It’s worth it to coax out their deep, earthy flavor.

• Pair with a German Pilsner

By now your mouth must be watering with all this talk of delicious burgers and crisp, refreshing craft beer! So, what are you waiting for? Get off your computer and go stock up on supplies. But make sure you get plenty of ingredients because, trust us, they’ll be gone before you have a chance to go back for more.