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How should you store bottled beer?

Just like wine, there is a right way and a not-so-good way to store bottles of beer that you’re keeping for longer. Remember to stand beer upright instead of putting it on its side - this will ensure that the yeast (sediment) settles at the bottom of the beer bottle. Also, storing beer upright will help it oxidize less, thereby ensuring it keeps longer. Beer should also be stored away from light, since ultra-violet and even dark blue light can spoil beer.

Where do most of America’s hops come from?

The Yakima Valley in the state of Washington accounts for over 77 percent of the total United States hop crop. This region is home to one of the most fertile and productive growing regions in the world. Its desert like conditions coupled with the abundant irrigation provided by the Yakima River Watershed create an ideal environment to produce hops.

Originally published in our Micro Brew News' Trivia Time, Sand Creek Brewing Company edition.