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How Does The Mash Temperature Affect The Finished Beer?

Kristen Lagos

How does a 3°F difference in temperature during the mashing process affect the finished beer?
A 3°F difference in mash temp (from 150 °F or 151 °F) may affect the flavor and mouthfeel of craft beers, particularly in Porters or Stouts.

How much beer per day did research participants need to consume in order to decrease their risk of developing kidney stones?

An American Journal of Epidemiology study estimated that a person consuming a bottle of beer each day would reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by some 40%.

True or False. There is a US law that prevents beer companies from showing someone drinking beer in advertising commercials.

False. No US Law prevents the showing of someone actually drinking beer in a beer commercial, but brewing companies are careful not to take chances with network policy. Cigarette companies, however, failed to respect the networks’ guidelines and no longer advertise on TV.

Originally published in our Craft Beer Club's Micro Brew News, Millstream Brewing Co. edition.