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Happy Halloween!!

Urban Myth? We'll let you decide...

an old abandoned brewery

An abandoned brew factory sat vacant for years - that is until an older man, dressed in a smart-looking suit and expensive leather shoes happened upon it. He strode up to the graffitied metal doors and saw nothing but unbridled potential. Smiling to himself he went to open the door.

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and in the same moment a voice, that of young man, "Can I help you? I don't think you're supposed to go in there" he warned. Turning towards the voice, the man frowned. No one was there.

Curiously the man traced the perimeter, found no-one and boldly entered the old brewery. With thoughts of giving new life to the place he mapped out his plan. Out with the old, in with the new. The only exception was an enormous beer vat placed in the center of the room. It was clearly old but seemed to be in good shape.

The next week, the man came back to the brewery with a realtor. After signing the papers, the realtor let out a sigh of relief which did not go unnoticed by the man. Looking rather uncomfortable, the realtor stammered "Its been a difficult property to sell given it's history..." He looked over the massive beer vat almost fearfully from the office perched above it. The older man demanded to know what he was talking about. With a worried look the realtor recalled the story.

"The brewery was a lively, rising success a little over 5 years ago. The beers continued to improve and so did the profits. However, the owner noticed one of his employees was causing problems and constantly showed up late. One day he didn't show up for work at all. The owner stomped throughout the building and kicked the one work boot his employee left behind, mumbling about always leaving a mess.

While the owner was displeased, he also saw an opportunity to hire someone more reliable. Roughly two months passed and the beer in the grand vat was ready to be bottled and shipped. Tasting the new brew, the brewmaster instantly celebrated - it was his best beer yet! The whole brewery took the day off to enjoy the beer and inevitable success it would bring.

an old and worn down boot in the grassIt was not until the large vat was empty and needed to be cleaned that they found the body of their fellow employee who stopped showing up for work. The brewery was forced to recall hundreds of flats of beer, some of which had already been sold and drank."

The new brewery owner watched in horror as the realtor finished his story and left the building. Only moments later, he heard the same young voice as before - asking about a job. The owner lifted his head out of his hands to respond but stopped short and instead of answering he ran for the door.

The young man paused for a moment and smiled before continuing to look for his missing shoe.

Happy Halloween!

What do you think about this urban legend?

P.S. None of our featured beers have been or ever will be from creepy breweries!