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Halloween Candy + Craft Beer Pairings

Happy Halloween! (Almost)

Costumes, Candies, and Crowns, Oh My...craft beer bottle crowns that is!

Halloween is just around the corner and we want to make sure you're prepared with the correct supplies on hand. Thanks to your monthly Craft Beer Club membership, those of you 21+ get to pair your sugar-high with some top-notch brew styles that arrived at your doorstep - all of which are perfectly suited for pairing with this year’s Halloween candy favorites.

Your get-together may consist of dressing up and making it a night on the town, getting comfy and binge-watching scary movies, or perhaps walking through the neighborhood watching your kids take candy from strangers. However your night plays out, make sure to save some candy for yourself to indulge in later while sipping on a nice cold craft beer. Ahhh...we’re more relaxed just thinking about it!

Go grab some craft beer to pair with some of the fan-favorites below...and yes, even if that means stealing your kid’s hard-earned candy (you know, for their own good...).

Beer and butterfinger candyButterfinger + British Ales, Irish Red Ale, English Porter, or Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy

Butterfingers and buttery beers? No thanks! Try pairing your Butterfingers with British Ales, English Porter, Irish Red Ale or even a Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy. These beers tend to have malty aromas with deep caramelized flavors without being overly sweet. The mouthfeel can also be described as smooth and soft with a slight viscous, dry finish. Perfect for the deliciousness that is a Butterfinger.

PS. If your beer does taste like butter you might want to consider throwing it out! This is a flavor caused by adding too much diacetyl and a flavor which most brewers usually try to avoid.

Beer and Reese's peanut butter cups candyReese’s Peanut Butter Cups + Stouts or American Amber/Red Lager

An American favorite: the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

These delicious, chocolaty morsels are bound to be in your candy assortment and would go well with a number of Stouts or even American Amber/Red Lagers. These brews tend to have a drier, hop-bitterness which would pair well with the creamy sweetness of the Reese’s. Go ahead, crack one open and give it a try!

Beer and Snickers or Twix candySnickers / Twix + English Brown Ales or Bière de Garde

Due to the malty aromas with rich toffee accents and sweeter caramel flavor elements, a nice cold English Brown Ale or Bière de Garde would be ideal pairings for a Snickers bar or Twix.

It’s a clear choice when dealing with the crunchy and caramel layers that both of these candies possess. The soft, silky mouthfeel and palate complexity will be a welcomed way to wash it all down.

Beer and M&Ms or Hershey candyM&Ms / Hershey bar + Milk Stout or Imperial Porter

Good ol straight chocolate that never gets old. M&Ms as well as Hershey bars are a Halloween staple and while they’re great on their own, a superb Milk Stout or Imperial Porter is the way to go when choosing a beer.

These brew styles will complement the sweet chocolate quite nicely as a result of the Imperial Porter’s roasted, smoky characters and hints of molasses, in addition to the Milk Stout’s sweeter profile with a rich, viscous mouthfeel.

Beer and Ners or SkittlesNerds / Skittles + Sour beer or Saison/Farmhouse Ale

And who could forget the Nerds or Skittles?! These treats pack a punch and so will the beers you choose to pair them with. Not surprisingly, Sour beers may be just the thing you're looking for. Their typical fruity and unconventional citrusy flavors will stand its ground when faced with the tartness of Nerds and sour skittles.

On the other hand, Saisons/Farmhouse Ales are also great options if you’d like to balance out the sweet and sour candies. The high-carbonation along with the citrus fruits and slightly sweet, creamy elements make it a nice, well-rounded combination.

There you have it, some ideal craft beer pairings for this year’s Halloween candies! If your must-have candy and/or beer is not on our list, don’t worry! Experiment and see for yourself which brews and candies fit your palate.

Please drink and eat sugar responsibly and have a Happy Halloween!