The Best Ways to Store & Enjoy Craft Beer While Camping

If you're thinking of packing some brews from your recently featured Craft Beer Club shipment on a camping trip, you may want to consider a few of these helpful tips.

Bringing beer on camping trip is a lot more difficult than it sounds. And actually enjoying a cold glass of your recently featured craft beer on a camping trip can be even harder. If your camping site is just a few hundred feet from the parking lot, then it’s easy enough to lug around a cooler full of cold craft beer. But if you enjoy backpacking and camping a little further off the beaten path — and you want to enjoy your favorite craft brew as you do — then you need to learn the science of storing and enjoying beer in the great outdoors.

Experienced backpackers know, and unseasoned backpackers may find out, that every extra pound of gear and beer in your pack will weigh you down on the trail, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll accidentally skunk your beer. Light strike, when beer is exposed to light, can cause a beer to turn. Brown bottles can prevent light strike, but then you run the risk of leaving behind broken glass, which definitely isn’t drinking or hiking responsibly.

If you want to tip back a cold beer in a glass, a can or a growler full of your favorite craft beer after a hard day of hiking, then it is possible to store beer and keep it cool while enjoying nature at its best! With a few simple tips — and the right beer gear — you can serve craft beer like a pro on your next adventure into the wild. Keep reading to learn how to pack craft beer and beer growlers for your next camping trip...

Best ways to store and enjoy beer while camping infographic

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