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Craft Beer Trivia Time: What do you know?

As many of you know, each and every shipment of craft beers that we send out in our Craft Beer Club features 2 newsletters - one for each brewery featured for the given month. Now, we are all about learning more about the beloved brews in the specific shipment, but we also like to include some craft beer trivia to test what you may or may not already know!

So, let's see how you do with a few of these on flavor and aromas in craft beers with a higher amount of certain key ingredients...

Beer hops1. A craft beer higher in hops will have which standout flavors and aromas?

A hoppy beer, or a hop-forward beer, is often described as having notes of herbs, plants, grass, citrus and licorice. These are qualities that add to a brew's fresh taste and oftentimes rather light mouthfeel. If these are flavors you enjoy, try Pale Ales and IPAs the next time you visit a local craft brewery.

Beer Malts2. A craft beer higher in malts will have which standout flavors and aromas?

A malty craft beer tends to have an overall sweeter profile with distinct characteristics of baked goods, graham crackers, chocolate, and even coffee in some instances. If these tastes and smells tickle your fancy, try Scottish Ales, Robust Porters, Baltic Porters and most Stouts when looking at a line up of craft beers.

Beer yeast3. A craft beer with more yeast will have which standout flavors and aromas?

A craft beer with more yeast tends to be (not surprisingly) yeasty in character and boasts some fruity and almost spicy/smokey characteristics such as bananas, cloves and can even include vanilla. Craft brews with these elements encompass the likes of German Wheat Beers, Barley Tart Witbiers, Sour Beers, and many Hefeweizens.

Granted, these characteristic flavors and aromas can be changed or altered depending on other ingredients brew masters decide to include. But if you see any of these key aroma and/or flavor components in the descriptions of the craft beers we feature in your monthly craft beer of the month club shipments, now you'll know where they likely came from!