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Best Binge-Worthy Shows and Their Craft Beer Pairing

Sienna Serrao

Don’t worry the only spoilers ahead are which craft beers are the best to pair with your favorite binge-worthy TV series. It’s easy to grab a bottle or can of your favorite beer and turn on a series to binge, but here’s a fun way to switch things up! See what craft beer goes best with some of the most popular binge-worthy television series around and give them a try.

Craft Beer: Stout

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV Show Similar to the show, a Stout is a craft beer that gets better with time, so now that you're 21+ and can enjoy a nice craft beer with the show, you might understand and relate to it better than your teenage self did. With a dark coffee flavor and strong aroma of a Stout, you’ll fit in perfectly on all the gangs Central Perk gatherings! Share some laughs and cheers a craft beer with your own group of friends while watching these 5, 20-something-year-olds navigate their way through life and love in New York City.

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Game of Thrones
Craft Beer: Imperial Brown Ale

Game of Thrones<br/> TV Show Brown Ales are commonly enjoyed in the inns and taverns of Ashford and Riverrun, so join the characters with your own. This dark beer without the bitterness of porters and stouts boasts a dark caramel color and a medium to full body profile. The Imperial strength helps to endure your marathon of war and bloody mayhem, but be careful not to consume too many, or opt for a regular Brown Ale to keep your wits before the next inevitable sword fight. When “winter is coming” you can always choose a nice Winter Warmer as well!

Fun Fact: Omme Gang Brewery paired with HBO to brew more than a dozen craft beers to accompany the seasons. Check out their website to learn about them all, and maybe give them a try while you watch!

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The Office
Craft Beer: Saison

The Office TV ShowThis pairing is a tribute to everyone’s favorite beet farmer, Dwight Schrute. As a Farmhouse Ale, Saison’s are the perfect craft beer to drink alongside Dwight as he promotes Schrute farms. With earthy notes and a medium hop flavor all that’s missing is the beets! Cheers your cold Saison with the crew when they head off to Poor Richards Pub at the end of the day.

This pairing can even be turned into a fun game by taking a sip of your craft beer every time:
• Pam say “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam.”
• Jim looks into the camera when not being interviewed.
• Someone says “That’s what she said!”
• Kelly says “OMG!”
• Michael calls everyone to the conference room.
• Angela mentions her cats.
• Dwight is corrected as Assistant *TO THE Regional Manager.
• Jim pulls a prank on Dwight.

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Craft Beer: Mexican-Style Craft Lager

Narcos TV ShowIn the story of everyone’s favorite cartel drug lord, Pablo Escobar, nothing pairs better than a refreshing Mexican Lager. The light, refreshing taste helps ease the suspense and harsh moments of the series. Instead of a simple Corona or Modelo, look for a more luxurious craft Mexican Lager, one that Escobar would approve of.

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Greys Anatomy
Craft Beer:: Pale Ale

Greys Anatomy TV ShowWith a show as stressful as Greys Anatomy, a cold beer is the perfect way to alleviate some of that stress and make for a better experience. A calm, cold, easy drinking Pale Ale should do just the trick to get you through the ER scares and relationship drama.

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Big Bang Theory
Craft Beer: Robust Porter

Big Bang Theory TV ShowFor an intelligent show filled with the adventures of four scientists and their outstanding discoveries, you need an equally intelligent beer. A Robust Porter is stronger and more bitter than other Porters with only a subtle caramel flavor. In the comedic moments you can count on the moderate alcohol content of this Porter to get you laughing extra hard!

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Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Craft Beer: American Amber / Red Lager

It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia TV ShowThis shameless bunch might not be the smartest, but owning Paddy’s Pub sure gives them a knowledge of alcohol, how to get tipsy, and have a grand time. Join the gang with an Amber American Lager as they drink their own Premium Dark Lager, Brockman. With prevalent malt flavors, varying levels of hops, and a mid-range alcohol content, after a few episodes you might be feeling your drink just as much as the crew.

Warning: The cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia does not actually drink on set, so we recommend not competing in the Boggs challenge or any other excessive drinking games played in the show.

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Orange is the New Black
Craft Beer: Blood Orange IPA

Orange is the New Black TV ShowA powerful show following the relationships and struggles from inside the most popular all-female slammer deserves a craft beer just as powerful. A hoppy, fruity, strong Blood Orange IPA is the best craft beer to tackle all the personalities and storylines of this show. Of course blood orange anything will work since, “Orange is the new fruit of IPAs.”

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Are any of these already on your list? Of course we invite you to switch it up and try different pairings of craft may find a new favorite! Make sure to sign up for our Monthly Beer Club (with Free Shipping & Bonus Gifts!) and try a few of these while binging your favorites shows.