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What’s Best to Drink When the Weather Cools Down

Sienna Serrao

Winter is right around the corner, and the colder temperatures are setting in. What does this mean for your beer choice? Well, it means it's time to move on from the light summery refreshing lagers, and juicy IPAs, to the more cold weather-style craft beers.

a bartender pouring dark beer from the tap

Dark Beers and Cold Temperatures

Most people’s first thought when it comes to cold weather beers is the darker it is, the better, with Stouts and Porters at the forefront. This is an accurate statement since dark, rich beers are often high in alcohol content and warming. Darker beers can also be enjoyed warmer than the frigid temperature most summery Pale Lagers need to be served at. So, let your beer sit and experience the flavors change as the temperature does!

The way you consume your beer can accentuate your experience as well. Try cracking your beer next to a lit fireplace with a blanket to warm your outside while the beer works its warming magic on the inside. If you’re planning on meeting up with some friends, you could also try going to your local pub or brewery! These brewers will know exactly which cold-weather beers best suit you, which you can then consume in their toasty establishment.

A flight of beers

Look at the Alcohol Percentage

Another option, as was slightly mentioned earlier, is to order boozy! The higher the percentage of alcohol your craft beer has the more you get that warming alcohol feeling. These high-alcohol beers also often come rich in flavor, with lots of spices and character, making them delicious as well as warming. Please drink responsibly.

The cold weather may not be everyone’s favorite, but it is definitely not the time to stop drinking and trying delicious craft beers. Winter warmer beers exist and even have their own festivals for a reason!

Cheers to the upcoming holidays, and make sure to celebrate by continuing to go out and try the amazing beers that exist, even as the temperatures drop.