Are beer and marijuana related?


Beer and marijuana have more in common than you would think. Surprisingly, beer hops are in the same family of flowering plants as marijuana.

Who in history experimented the effects of beer on ants?

Experimenting with beer has taken many forms, some slightly odd to a normal person. Sir John Lubbock, the 19th-century English archaeologist, politician and biologist and close friend of Charles Darwin, actually studied the behavior of beer on drunken ants. He also coined the term Neolithic in 1865. Needless to say he enjoyed a celebrated career.

How old was the oldest drinkable beer and where was it found?

The oldest drinkable beer in the world was found in 2010, in an early 19th-century shipwreck discovered near Finland. The beer was preserved in bottles by the cold abyss and it tasted very old (unsurprisingly), with some burnt notes and an acidic aftertaste. Care for a sip?

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