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8 Beer Facts That Are Totally Believable...Because They're All True

Beer is pretty incredible. It has been a force in the world for thousands of years and has been the catalyst for some pretty incredible stories. Here are just 8 Beer Facts that, while pretty odd, are completely true.

1. North American Wife Carrying Competition
The North American Wife Carry Competition is an obstacle course consisting of 2 dry obstacles and 1 wet obstacle where men must compete with their wives on their back. The winner of this competition, which is highly competitive, brings home his wife's weight in Goose Island Oktoberfest beer, 5 times the wife's weight in cash, and an entry into the World Championship in Finland.

2. Watered Down
The Code of Hammurabi is an extremely well-preserved code of Law of Ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to 1754 BC. There is much to the code, including things like proper wages to be paid, terms of transactions, and even establishing liabilities. Another thing listed on the old stone is that those that water down beer should be sentenced to death.

3. The Founding Drinkers
Our Founding Fathers, while shaping the Declaration of Independence, did a lot of their writing, held meetings, and formed the revolution in bars. Alcohol was a constant force for the likes of Jefferson, Washington, Hancock, and Franklin, and it shaped their work and their life, and in return, the country.

4. To the Moon!
The moon is full of craters, all formed by lunar events millions of years ago. One small lunar impact crater, located on the Mare Imbrium, which is that really big crater you can see easily, is called Beer Crater.

5. Oldest Drink Ever
While the exact date is disputed, beer is certainly one of the oldest invented drinks ever, and it has been shaping the world since its inception. Early versions of beer dates back to 9500 BC and has gone through tremendous changes over the millennia. The future for beer looks bright, with more changes to come.

6. Tell, Don't Show
You may have noticed this, or at least you could tell something was up, but it is illegal to actually show a person drinking beer in a commercial in the USA. The next time you see an ad, keep an eye out for it and it'll look pretty strange.

7. For Science!
Niels Bohr, a Danish Physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922, got more than just fame and recognition for his feat. The Carlsberg Brewery gave him a house next door to their Brewery with an added benefit of having their brew piped into the house, so Bohr always had it on tap.

8. Crafty Carter
Former President, Jimmy Carter signed a bill which exempted homebrewers from taxation of their goods. This became the surge of Craft Beer and Craft Beer Breweries, which is still felt and tasted today.

Drawing of beer glassThese 8 facts are just a small representation of all the tremendous things Beer has done. Whether it's shaping a revolution or simply a name of a crater, Beer has roots everywhere in history and, most likely, our future.