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4 Gateway Beers for Becoming a Craft Beer Lover

Getting into Craft Beer, for some, can be a little difficult. This usually happens when you have friends and family that are well versed in Craft Beers and they start you off on some more experimental or fuller flavored beers.

This has turned some people off of craft beer, sadly. But if you want to warm up to craft beer, before you go on a tour or pick a beer of the month club, here’s a few beers that are easy to enjoy and show off the finer things about craft beer, making them perfect gateway beers.

“ProstProst Brewing Company’s Weissbier

This Hefeweizen is perfect for exploring the complexities of craft beer while still finding it easy to drink. On the surface you have a slightly sweet and very smooth beer. As you drink it you’ll notice the layers of citrus, clove, and banana. Each flavor picks up the one after it, making it very enjoyable from first sip to last.

“ScuttlebuttScuttlebutt’s Gale Force IPA

IPAs can be a hard style of beer to get into with its bold flavors and aggressive hoppy finish. A lot of new craft breweries are trying to find ways to be even bolder and bigger with their flavor, too. But this IPA has just the right amount of boldness and hops that marks it as an IPA but cleverly uses the caramel malts to bring it balance. While this beer has a lot going on, it won’t feel overly complex as every ingredient has a noticeable contribution to the beer.

“IpswichIpswich Ale Brewery’s Dry Irish Stout

Stouts are often avoided by people just starting out with stronger, more complex craft beers. The dark color and rich scent often means a very strong and bold beer, one that might be hard to drink. But this Dry Irish Stout uses the flavors we know and love; dark chocolate and sweet coffee, to carry the dark finishes making it surprisingly drinkable with a satisfying and full aftertaste.

“Flat12Flat12 Bierwerk’s Pogue’s Run Porter

Porters, much like stouts, are avoided by new craft beer seekers in the world. But Flat12 does a Porter right and their Pogue’s Run Porter is nigh perfect for a new craft beer lover. It begins with sweet notes of malt and coffee with darker flavors of chocolate. The smell, first sip, and aftertaste all hold true to this smooth, perfectly sweet and dark Porter.

These 4 craft beers are perfect gateways for learning how to enjoy the complexities and nuance of craft beer. Starting at the most intense, unique beers that are offered will probably over power you. Instead, try out these four craft beers and open yourself up to the world of craft beers.