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15 Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lovers

Getting the right gift for the Craft Beer lover in your life may not be as easy as you'd hope. You see, Craft Beer lovers tend to be pretty specific and certain with what they like and what they don't like. But don't worry, we have the inside scoop so you can be a Craft Beer Hero with these 15 Gift Ideas.

1. All Natural Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce from JB's Best ($5.99)

BBQ Sauce bottle This all Natural Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce from JB's Best is one of the easiest ways to add that lip-smacking goodness that makes BBQ so delicious. This sauce uses the best ingredients possible, skips on corn syrup, and has the added flavor that can only come from Beer. Choose from 7 unique varieties.

All Natural Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce

2. How Beer Saved the World from The Discovery Channel ($9.18)

How beer saved th world cover How Beer Saved the World is a fun, new look at the history of beer and how it shaped and formed the world. From helping shape the pyramids to pushing advancements in medicine, Beer has left an unmistakable mark on the world.

How Beer Saved the World

3. All Natural, Made-in-the-USA Beer Soap from Swag Brewery ($9.99)

Beer soap This Beer Soap is all natural, made in the USA, and smell really, really good. More than just a novelty, this soap lathers really well and doesn't dry out your skin so it's perfect for your face, body and hair. With 9 different styles available, you'll be able to find the perfect one for your gift recipient.

All Natural Beer Soap

4. Beer Tasting Journal ($9.99)

Beer tasting journal A Craft Beer Tasting Journal is the perfect way to let the Craft Beer Lover in your life remember and record all the unique flavors and styles they enjoy. This is equally great for the veteran of Craft Beers looking for one place to record all of their experiences and the Craft Beer Novice looking to get started.

Beer Tasting Journal

5. Men's Beer Tap Socks from Socksmith ($10.00)

Beer Tap Socks A Christmas tradition in my family, and many others, are socks. No matter what you're planning for Christmas, socks must be included. These Beer Tap socks are a blend of Cotton, Lycra, and Nylon and have a crew-cut style so it fits as good as it looks. This is definitely a gift a Beer Lover would not think to get themselves...but definitely needs!

Men's Beer Tap Socks

6. Six Original Lollihops from Yakima Hop Candy LLC ($12.00)

Yakima Hop Candy lollihops The Original Lollihops are tasty lollipop candies made from real hops. These are alcohol free, they just use hoppy goodness to create a candy that balances sweet and bitter. Handcrafted, gourmet lollipops are a unique and surprising gift that everyone can enjoy.

6 Original Lollihops

7. Craft Beer Shampoo and Conditioner from Broo ($17.95)

Beer shampoo and conditioner by, what else broo, ugh Made with malted barley and hop flowers, this color-safe and vegan shampoo and conditioner are great for dry and damaged hair. This product is a fan favorite of beer drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Many find it to be surprisingly soft and moisturizing and is perfect if you suffer from an allergy with sulfates found in other shampoos.

Craft Beer Shampoo and Conditioner

8. Beer Flight Paddle and Set of 4 Glasses from Libey ($19.75)

6 ounce beer tasting glasses Four 6-ounce Pilsner glasses and a wooden Beer Flight is a fantastic way to enjoy and share a variety of craft beers. Looks great when not in use in the kitchen and looks just as good when trying new flavors of Craft Beer or old favorites.

Beer Flight Paddle and Set of 4 Glasses

9. Hand-Poured, Brew Candle from Swag Brewery ($19.99)

beer candle A perfect Craft Beer is a treat to the eyes, ears and mouth. Now, bring the same treat to the nose as you fill your home with the sweetness of a Vanilla Porter or the warmth of a Hoppy IPA. Choose from six unique scents that are inspired to be fresh and provocative, actively avoiding the fake, plastic smells some other candles have.

Hand-Poured Brew Candle

10. Recycle Bottle Opener and Dog Collar from Cycle Dog ($20.70)

Bottle opener and dog collar Imagine calling over your pup, giving him or her some nice pets, and then popping open a cold Craft Beer. Everyone's happy! The pup is happy and you are happy. Cycle Dog has made this perfectly cute gift that will prove to get a few laughs and be surprisingly useful. It's a beer opener that comes when you call it!

Recycled Bottle Opener and Dog Collar

11. 2 Pack of Chillsner Beer Chiller from Corcksicle ($25.00)

Chillsner beer chiller corksicle This clever concept is the perfect way for keeping your bottle of Craft Beer nice and cold from first sip to the last goodbye. The design is to fit perfectly in most long neck beer bottles and drink through the Chillsner, which was in the freezer. This means the warm beer is chilled as you sip and each taste is cold and crisp the whole night.

2 pack of Chillsner Beer Chiller

12. Coffee Aged in Beer Barrels from Fireside Coffee ($35.00)

Coffee aged in beer barrels Fair trade coffee that has done something completely unique: it was aged in Michigan Beer Barrels before being roasted by a Master Roaster. This gives the coffee an unmistakable and robust flavor that stands out from other coffees. this is the perfect gift for the coffee and beer lover in your life.

Coffee Aged in Beer Barrels

13. 4 Set of Craft Beer Jelly from Canned Yankee ($37.95)

Craft beer jelly Made in Vermont, this 4 set of Jelly includes IPA, Porter, Apricot Ale, and Oatmeal Stout flavors. Made from local Breweries around New England, these Jellies are so good you'll be looking for opportunities just to use them.

4 Set of Craft Beer Jelly

14. Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler from Stanley ($38.00)

Vacuum insulated growler from Stanley This will be the last Growler you, or your gift recipient, will ever need. With a steel inner lid your beer will never touch plastic, so even subtle flavors stay strong and clean for hours on end. it comes with a heavy duty handle so it is easy to carry and easy to our with just one hand.

Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler

15. Original Craft Beer Club Subscription ($42.00 + Free Shipping)

Craft Beder Club shipment with beer, newsletters and free gifts Lastly, one of the very best ways to get that special someone in your life a gift that will keep on giving is with The Original Craft Beer Club's Monthly Subscription. Each month you, or your gift recipient will get 3 beers of 4 unique styles of Craft Beers throughout the country. For just $42.00 they'll get to enjoy 12 craft beers that we have carefully selected. To see why Craft Beer Club's monthly membership is an ideal Holiday Gift, check out this post here.

The Original Craft Beer Club Monthly Subscription

So there you have it! here are 15 amazing Gift Ideas for the Craft Beer Lover in your life, even if that person is you. These gifts embody what it means to be a Craft Beer enthusiast and aren't something that you would think of getting, but once you got them, you'd be surprisingly thrilled.