When will my order arrive during the COVID-19 disruption?
Your order is processed within 1-2 days after submitting your order. Deliveries typically arrive between 10-15 weekdays after processing depending on the destination zip code. However, it may take extra days as long as the COVID-19 shutdowns and slowdowns are occurring. read more

Beer Styles

Month after month, year after year, we take pride in assembling our monthly beer club shipments. We look at each brewery, see which styles they are locally famous for and include their most popular, award-winning brews in our Craft Beer Club shipments. We include an array of beer styles in our shipments, which gives our members an opportunity to discover new favorites and expand their beer tasting palate! The Original Craft Beer Club deliveries feature 2 different craft breweries and 4 different beer styles - with 3 beers of each style.

Beer Styles

Craft beers have a rich and diverse history from all over the world, dating back over 7,000 years! Today, you can still taste this history through the unique and revitalized craft beers served at your local microbrewery, beer pub, or in our craft beer of the month club shipments. With multiple beer styles in each shipment, it just might be the best history lesson to date!

Types of Craft Beer featured in our monthly beer club

With many different beer styles, and even styles-within-a-style, tasting new craft beers seems to be the name of the game nearly anywhere you go. Not sure where to begin? Take a look through our ever-growing list of beer styles below. Each of these have been featured in our Craft Beer Club. Have you tried them all?

You'll find descriptions for Ales, Lagers, Stouts, Ambers, Blonde Ales, Pale Ales, Ambers, Darks, Wheats, and the list goes on. Learn more about your favorites or hone in on a new style that intrigues you.