Beer Styles

Month after month, year after year, we take pride in assembling our monthly beer club shipments. We look at the each brewery, see what style they are famous for and try to include the most popular award-winning varietal in our beer club shipment. Pairing four different styles can be challenging, or it can be easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Nonetheless, we ship a complete variety of craft beers, every time. Two different Breweries, 4 different Styles 3 or 6 beers each.

Beer Varietals

Craft Beers have a rich and diverse history that is over 7,000 years old, from all over the world. This history can be tasted, sampled, and enjoyed throughout the various Types and Styles you can find in our Craft Beer of the month club shipments.

Types of Craft Beer we have featured in our monthly beer club.

Ales have a deep and dark body, full of flavor with a nice finish of fruit or spice. They offer a lingering taste of Hops which is quite enjoyable.

Pale Ales and India Pale Ales are some of the most popular Ales. These often boast an increase in Hops that pair well with Spicy Foods.

Lagers are the king of smooth. New lagers can have a very clean finish while older lagers can create more complex flavors.

Stout Beer has a less than sweet flavor with a dark body and a creamy head. They are heavy on the Barley and often add a dash of unmalted Barley to create a dark almost sour flavor; think coffee.

There are, of course, more Types of Craft Beer than this. And many of these Types can come in unique Styles, so you can further hone in on the right beer for the right moment.


Ambers are often enjoyed as an Ale or a Lager. While most have a sweet hint of caramel, you’ll find that Ambers have a large range of drinkability for most occasions and tastes.

Blondes pack a clean and dry taste. Crisp like an apple. These tend to be pale in color and have a delicate balance of Malty sweetness and Hoppy Bitterness. Blondes are usually Ales.

Darks have a myriad flavors. They are fruity. They are Malty. They are Hoppy. And Yeasty. These flavors tend to burst from the dark brown color. But a good Dark is not overpowering, it is a full mouth experience.

Wheats could be called the opposite of Darks. These are light beers that are very easy to drink. They tend to just kiss your palate with a breeze of spice and a clean wheat finish.

Below you can find the best of the best, the fruit of all that history and the brilliant creations they produced.