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Light Lager beer, one of, if not the most popular beer style in the world today, is largely an artifact of post-Prohibition pragmatism.

The American Light Lager is the lighter version of a company's premium lager. Some American style Light Lager's have lower alcohol levels, while others are lower in calories and carbohydrates compared to other lager beers. The American Light Lager recipe calls for a high amount of cereal adjuncts, like rice and corn, is commonly brewed with six row barely, and a slight amount of hops merely to balance the brew.

European versions of the beer style, such as German Light Lager are about half the ABV of the American counterpart, but show more flavors, some using 100% malt.

Craft Light Lagers are designed to maximize refreshment without incorporating any assertive aromas and flavors. The brews have little malt aroma and only a hint of flowery hop notes. Rather, the American style Light Lager smells of sweet corn.

With a pale straw color, tall frothy head, and refreshing flavor, Light Lager's are ideal for pairing with spicy dishes, fried foods, light-bodied creamy cheeses, and fatty rich foods since the carbonation can cut through them and cleanse the palate. American Light Lager's ABV ranges from 2.5-5% and European Light Lagers have an ABV of 2.5-3.5%. Pilsner glasses are the best for serving Light Lagers.

Some of the best American Light Lagers are: Yacht, by Stillwater Artisanal Ales; Nite Lite, by Night Shift Brewing; House, by House Brewing Company; Lager, by Ballast Point Brewing Company and many more.

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