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The beer that you will see excessively drunk on St. Patrick’s Day, and is synonymous with all things Irish is an Irish Dry Stout. This black beer is mainly characterized by a roasted flavor, with hints of acidic sourness, bittersweet chocolate, high hop bitterness, and a coffee like finish. It is important to note about this beer style that not all Dry Stouts are Irish and not all Irish Stouts are necessarily dry.

Most Dry Irish Stout recipes include ingredients such as roasted barely, ale yeast, Kent Goldings hops, and sometimes sour mash or lactic acid. The roasted barely emphasizes the coffee like character in the beer. Hops are included in an Irish Dry Stout solely to add and accentuate the beers bitterness. The versions that include sour mash or lactic acid do so, to incorporate a subtle sourness.

Dry Irish Stout ABV falls in the 4.2-5.3% range. The best Irish Dry Stouts are served from nitrogen gas taps in a nonic pint glass. The nitrogen gas taps lend a smooth, creamy body to the palate and the glass helps accentuate the head of the beer. Most commonly associated with the Black Dry Irish Stout is Guinness, who perfectly typifies the brew.

The Dark Irish Dry Stout pairs well with salty and fried food, spicy foods, and bold and sweet desserts. Some specific examples are seafood, such as raw oysters and lobster, ham, and beef or lamb stews.

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