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Gueuze beer pronounced "gewze" or "gooz" is a spontaneously fermented Belgian blend of several different aged Lambic beers. The Belgian beer style typically combines a young Lambic that has been aged for about a year, with an old Lambic that has been aged two to three years, and once combined aged another two or three years before consumption.

Due to its effervescence and Champagne bottle presentation, Belgian Gueuze is considered the "Champagne of beer". Classic Gueuze beer has a distinct dryness, fruitiness, and well-developed wild character with no hop character whatsoever. Compared to a typical lambic, Gueuze is more complex and carbonated.

The ABV for a Gueuze falls in the 5-8% range and the best Gueuze glass is tulip shaped. The bubbly beer pairs well with seafood, goat, funky cheeses, and sweet, spiced desserts such as caramelized cinnamon apples.

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