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The German Pale Lager, many may know better under the label German style Helles. In German "Helles" means pale, hence the light golden color of the brew. The style originated in Munich, Germany, and is widely popular in Southern German regions including Bavaria, Franconia, Baden-Württemberg, and Berlin. Other names the beer can be seen as are: Helles, Spezial, Landbier, Munich Lager, or Export.

The German Pale Lager recipe typically features German Noble hops or bitter hops such as Hallertau, and either Pilsner or Munich malt. Most German Pale Lagers have a mild hop presence, but American versions put their own twist on the variety by adding American hops. The brew appears clear after being filtrated and is yellow or pale golden in color.

The flavor balances the malt sweetness with the floral flavors and bitterness of the hops, all while mastering the art of subtlety. The brew has a fuller body than most light lagers. The malt flavors are bready and toasty, while the beer as a whole is clean and crisp. For hops, the flavor and bitterness are low from the European Noble hops, but higher from American varieties.

The best food pairings with the soft light flavors of a German Pale Lager are salads and shellfish. The ABV typically ranges from 4.5-6%, and the best glass is a flute. The best way to describe this beer is though its master of subtleness and drinkability.

We have had the pleasure of featuring several of the best German Pale Lagers such as: D.L. Geary's German Pale Lager and Southern Barrel's German Pale Lager. We look forward to featuring so many more in the future in our craft beer club!