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Faro craft beer is a Belgian style ale consisting of sweetened lambic beer. Up until early in the 20th century, Faro lambic beer was widely available in the Senne Valley. The Faro beer style is made from second and third runnings of the lambic beer, making it lower in alcohol. It is generally spiced with pepper, coriander, and orange peels, fermented by microbes that exist in the Senne Valley air, and sweetened before packaging with candi sugar, sucrose, or saccharin. A Faro Boon beer is a slightly different adaptation of this beer originating from the Belgian Boon brewery. This version blends lambic beer, meertsbier, and of course sugar.

As a whole, Faro beer is a light bodied, gently flavored, acidic and spiced beer, with tasting notes of apples, raisins, and citrus. This light, palatable beer comes in a light brown color. As a softer version of true lambic beers, Faro's have a low ABV ranging from 2-5%, with historic examples between 2-3%, and modern versions with an ABV between 4-5%.

Faro beer pairs perfectly with a hot summer day and should be enjoyed out of a tulip glass. The sweet molasses notes of the beer causes it to pair well with desserts, particularly chocolate desserts such as dark Belgian chocolates or dark chocolate truffles.

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