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Euro Strong Lager


This German inspired beer styles have become a global phenomenon, since they were first brewed in the mid 1800s. In general a Euro Lager is the more premium version of a standard American Lager. Euro Lager beer comes in three forms: Euro Pale Lager, Euro Dark Lager, and Euro Strong Lager.

The Euro Strong Lager is a rare style, although several examples are available in the United States. This Euro Lager type is typically higher in alcohol than a brewery's standard Lager. The brew contains more malt for fermentation, but has low hop levels. Euro Strong Lager’s have a sweet grain and alcohol aroma and flavor, yet they still go down easy. Straw gold to light copper in color, the Euro Strong Lager usually has a 7-10% ABV. Euro Strong Lager food pairings generally include: shellfish, barbecue, spicy food, and curried dishes.

As a whole these Euro Lager types have made a great impact on the craft beer industry in both Europe and America.