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Euro Pale Lager


This German inspired beer styles have become a global phenomenon, since they were first brewed in the mid 1800s. In general a Euro Lager is the more premium version of a standard American Lager. Euro Lager beer comes in three forms: Euro Pale Lager, Euro Dark Lager, and Euro Strong Lager.

The Euro Pale Lager style beer was born from the publics desire for more beers like the Pilsner style that are light colored, refreshing, and easy to drink. The beer is often made from two or six row barely malt, a small amount of noble hops, and clean lager yeast. Usually pale straw in color with only a touch of bitterness, the Euro Pale Lager is generally between 4.5 and 6% ABV. Some Euro Pale Lagers labeled Pilsner contributes to the notion that the term is interchangeable with other pale beers. Euro Pale Lager food pairings typically include: salads, light seafood, chicken, spicy Indian and Mexican cuisines.