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Falling somewhere between an English Pale Ale and an English Barely Wine is the English strong ale. Very few examples of the English strong ale, both new and old world, can be found today in the United States. If you are lucky enough to find one, you better stock up on it because the odds are it is a seasonal or limited release. The rich and complex English Strong Ale beer blends into a bold mix of malt, fruit flavors, and esters. The hop characteristic of English Strong Ales can be mildly bitter in some, and more perceptible in others. In comparison to American Strong Ales, the English version has more specialty malt character, and less noticeable hops. Almost all breweries allow their beers to mature for numerous months in wood, to hopefully obtain even more complex characteristics.

Many English Strong ales are unfiltered and or bottle conditioned, and range in color from amber to copper. During bottle conditioning, some yeast sediments may remain. Alcohol in English Strong ales varies, and can be quite noticeable in some versions. This English brew has an ABV with a large range from 6-11%. This medium bodied beer is best when served in a snifter or English pint glass at a cool temperature. A generally smooth and creamy mouth feel makes English Strong ales pair well with roasted or grilled game, lamb, beef, or salmon.

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