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English stouts have evolved over time from English Porters, and have since evolved into other variants based on ingredients and strength. A traditional English Stout recipe relies on the use of roasted barely, which adds a dry character, bitterness, and flavor ranging from chocolate to burnt coffee. The beer is typically dark brown to pitch black in color and shows little hop character. The low hop characteristic is one of the biggest differentiations between American and English Stouts, with American Stouts being significantly hoppier, fuller-bodied, and having a higher ABV.

Some of the evolved English Stout brews are oatmeal stouts, milk Stouts, breakfast Stouts, and chocolate Stouts however many others exist. English oatmeal stouts are known for their smooth and rich body from the added oatmeal. English milk Stouts have milk sugar and lactose that lend more style to the body and has a lower roasted barely bitterness than a traditional English Stout. English Breakfast Stouts are brewed with coffee, typically Kona and Sumatra coffees as well as flaked oats, which are classic breakfast elements that give the brew a java nose, and long lasting cinnamon colored head. Last but not least, are Chocolate Stouts, which have a noticeable dark chocolate taste that comes from the use of roasted chocolate malt.

This medium bodied brew has an ABV in the 4-7% range, and is best served cool in a pint glass. English Stouts can pair with a wide variety of food including pork tenderloin, lobster, oysters, Mexican mole, and desserts like chocolate cake.

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