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Traditional Bock beer dates back to the medieval era, originally brewed in the northern German town of Einbeck during the 14th century. Since the Bock beer origin, it has been meant for special occasions. In fact, the German beer has been incorporated into German festivities for a longer period of time than the United States has been established as a country.

By the 17th century, the German Bock beer style steadily traveled down to Munich. At this time, linguistic differentiations amid northern and southern Germany led to the mispronunciation of Einbeck to ein bock by the Bavarians.Ein bock in German translates to billy goat, and for some reason the name stuck, as did the image, since the image of a billy goat still adorns the Bock beer label to this day.

Bavarian monks used to brew and consume Bock beer during Lenten fasts as a representation of the great times to were yet to come.

As a bottom fermenting Lager, Bock generally requires additional time in cold storage throughout the wintertime in order to smooth out any and all overly concentrated flavors produced in the brewing process. Bock is dark amber in color and carries robust malt flavors and a very light hoppiness. As a whole, the malt should equalize the sweetness and toasty, nutty flavors. A Bock is stronger than the typical Lager, and has a smooth mouthfeel, and low carbonation.

The rich sweetness of Bock pairs well with strong spice components and intense flavors such as that found in Cajun, Jerk, slow roasted, and seared foods. Normal Bock falls within the 6-7% ABV range and the best Bock beer glasses are tulip glasses, Weizen glasses, and Stange glasses.

All sub-styles of Bock beer can vary in their taste and profile. Some types of Bock beer include: Super Bock beer, Double Bock beer, Wheat Bock beer, Helles Bock beer, and Black Bock beer. Seasonal varieties also exist like Summer Bock beer and Winter Bock beer. Bock's also come from different areas such as Dutch Bock beer and American Bock beer.

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