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Belgian Witbier, meaning “white beer” in Flemish, is pale and cloudy in appearance due to being unfiltered and the high amounts of wheat or oats used in the brewing process. These beers are always spiced and have a satisfying light body with a tart, lemony finish that accompanies a wheat texture and aromatic spices.

In order to call a beer a witbier there are two requirements. The first is that the beer must contain up to 50% wheat which gives the beer its signature milky glow. Sometimes raw oats are included in the mixture resulting in a silky mouthfeel with notes of honey and distinctive fruity flavors. The second requirement is the use of spices. Coriander is always used and is the predominant spice included in the beer. Orange peel is another common addition creating a complex contrast to the savory coriander. Other spices such as anise, ginger, chamomile, and others can be added in small amounts.

Belgian Witbiers have an ABV of about 5 to 6% and can be very refreshing, especially during the hot summer months.

We have featured a number of Belgian Witbiers including Newburyport Brewing Company's Plum Island Belgian White which was awarded 1st Place Best of the Northwest in the United States Beer Tasting Championship and 2nd Place Belgian White in the Great International Beer & Cider Competition. They are the only exclusive canning and kegging brewery in Massachusetts to this day.