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The Belgian-Style Golden Ale is a deceiving brew whose pale color gives the impression that it will be innocent and easy to drink when in reality, it is known for its strong alcoholic punch. Due to this devious illusion, the benchmark Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale example is the Duvel from Belgium, which translates to Devil.

Belgian-Style Golden Ales typically range from a pale to golden color. Despite their strong alcoholic character, the beer is light bodied. The Belgian-Style Golden Ale recipe puts more emphasis on the hops than it does malt character, but still makes use of the falvors from the Pilsner malt it uses. Being heavily hopped with Czech Saaz hops, the Belgian Golden Ale style generally has a strong floral hop aroma, semi-fruity hop flavor, and medium hop bitterness.

Belgian ale yeast gives the Belgian-Style Golden Ale a certain degree of spiciness and a highly attenuated, dry finish. In total the beer style undergoes three fermentations, with the final one occurring in the bottle. The end result is a well-carbonated brew with a significant rocky head. In order to gain roundness, the Belgian Golden Strong Ale style may even be cellared for more than six months.

This fruity and complex beer has an ABV that typically ranges from 7-11% and is best served chilled in a tulip glass. Chilling the Belgian Golden Ale can help minimize the strong alcoholic taste and mouthfeel. When pairing with food, the matches can range from light and salty appetizers to bold hearty meals, but over everything this beer compliments spicy platters brilliantly.

In our craft beer club we have had the pleasure of featuring the Belgian-Style Golden Ale by Bootlegger's Brewery called Golden Chaos. We are always trying and looking for new ones to feature for our club members. Cheers!

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