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Belgian Dark Ale is a broad term for all Belgian dark beers that fall somewhere between a Belgian-style Dubbel and Belgian Strong Dark Ale. The brew ranges in color from amber to light brown some even considered a deep garnet color. The Belgian Dark Ale flavor is at the discretion of the brewer, but can be yeasty, spiced, and dry, or malty and sweet. The medium-bodied beer has an ABV that falls in the 4-7% range.

The Belgian Strong Dark Ale carries similar characteristics of the Belgian Dark Ale, of course with higher alcohol content and more complexity. These beer styles have an ABV in the range of 7-12%, and are a bit darker in color with an array of hues from amber to dark copper brown. The complexity emerges in the flavor being fruity, malty from strong dark malt, lightly hopped, and spicy.

Both Belgian Dark Ales and Belgian Strong Dark Ales are best served in a goblet or chalice glass, but the Dark Ales are served cooler between 46 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the Strong Dark Ales are served slightly warmer between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve the complexity of flavors and aromas. The two similarly pair well with barbecued, roasted, or grilled meats, especially beef entrees.