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American Stout beer is the American beer maker’s reinvention of the original stout from Europe, more specifically Ireland. This familiar style embraced by American microbrewers has a very distinct color, aroma, and flavor. The thick, dark beer is virtually as dark as an American beer can be and tastes of coffee, dark chocolate, and caramel.

The American Stout beer showcases a substantial amount of dark malts and generous quantities of American hops. American brewers have also made their mark on the ale by adding yeast for light ester production. The American Stout is labeled as a dry stout to differentiate it from stouts with added lactose or oatmeal, and as a dark stout when roasted unmalted barely is added to give it the dark pigment. The medium-high hop and low-medium malt sweetness of an American Stout is best enjoyed in a Nonic pint glass. A typical ABV of American Stouts is between 5.5-8.5%.

American Stout beers are perfect for colder seasons like winter and fall, but can be enjoyed all year round. The beer pairs well with bold meats like lamb, soups, and strong cheeses like sharp cheddar. Coffee cake is an enjoyable dessert to eat with the beer, complimenting the chocolatey, coffee notes in the brew.

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