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American Dark Wheat Ale


This is considered an American version of the German dunkelweizen, where brewers traditionally added dark malts to their hefeweizen recipe. The color of the brew is medium to dark brown with aromas that can range from dark fruits to moderately sweet tones of wheat and caramel malt.

The basic character of American wheat ales is that they are light and quenching. Sometimes fruit is added, especially for summer versions. The hop characteristics are low and the ABV tends to fall in the 4-7% range. They are often cloudy with a long-lasting heads.

The first American wheat ales were brewed on the West Coast, with Anchor being the first to brew a wheat beer back in 1983. Today wheat ales represent a substantial portion of the American craft beer market. Usually you will find these refreshing brews served in a Weizen Glass that is taller than a pint glass and wider at the top than the base.

A great example of an American Dark Wheat Ale comes in a can from Thunderhead Brewing Company in Kearney, Nebraska.

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