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American Blonde Ale is sometimes also called Golden Ale. The history of American ales is pretty short going back to the mid 1970’s, but the roots can be traced back about 400 years when settlers came to the ”new world” bringing ales from their home countries of England and Denmark.

It took awhile for beer-making to really catch on in America. It was not until the mid 1800’s when German immigrants started brewing lighter pilsners, that brewing beer in America really took off. When craft brewing got started in the 1970’s one of the offerings was usually a Blonde or Golden Ale. It was approachable and allowed brewers to get people in the door and also to try some of the bolder offerings.

Blonds are straw to medium golden in color, with middle-of-the-road maltiness and bitterness. The taste is often compared to the more commercial lagers. The flavor profile is lightly sweet and malty with a hint of fruit and low to medium hop bitterness with a light aroma. It is considered a dry, crisp beer that’s easy to drink. The Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Range is 3.8-5.5. Some of the best well known examples are Redhook Blonde, Hollywood Blonde, and Pete's Wicked Summer Brew.

American Blonde Ales have been featured in our Craft Beer Club from Erie Brewing Company and Centennial Beer Company. These beers are perfect for easy-drinking and great on a sunny afternoon.