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American amber / red lager is a variation on the Vienna-style lagers but drier and less hop centered. It is a popular craft beer style that highlights both hops and malt. These lagers tend to be medium bodied with a toasted or caramel-essence malt character. The hop bitterness has a wide range, going from quite low to medium high. The color of these beers will be copper to bronze with some reddish hues.

One of the most well known American Lagers is Samuel Adams Boston Lager, which we will never feature. Traditionally, amber lagers were brewed in spring, then stored in cool caves and taken out to be enjoyed when the first cold snap came. They became a famous part of the harvest festival of Oktoberfest. The ABV range for this style is 4.5-6% and the glass of choice to serve it in is a cold stein. We have featured this style in of number of our Craft Beer Club shipments to our monthly members.

Bad Water Brewing's Western Lager and Capital Brewery's Wisconsin Amber are two great examples of classic and incredibly popular American Amber / Red Lager brews.

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