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Founded as a state in 1636, Rhode Islands brewing history began shortly after with its first brew house emerging merely 3 years later.

At the beginning of the 1700s, Daniel Sabree gained the title of first brewer in Newport, running his own Rhode Island brewery until he passed away in 1745. 1700’s Rhode Island had about 5 significance brewing establishments for people to choose from.

Moving on to the 1800s, the number of breweries grew enough to keep the individuals in the state quenched and satisfied. Providence Brewery founded in 1817 was a key player, being Rhode Island’s first production brewery. An important name that came about in this century was Narragansett Brewing. Narragansett Brewing was the biggest and most successful Rhode Island brewery that lasted under its original name for almost 100 years. It opened in 1890, closed down in 1981, and was purchased and revived in 2005 by Genesee Brewing.

The oldest Rhode Island craft brewery that still remains today is the Providence Rhode Island brewery, Trinity Brewhouse. This establishment was opened in 1995, and has earned one of the few GABF awards Rhode Island has received.

A brewery by the name of Hope Brewing was not long lasting opening in 1988 and closing soon after in the mid 1990s, however it did bring home Rhode Island’s first GABF awards, earning two in its short existence.

Craft beer festivals in Rhode Island are quite popular. Just a few of the Rhode Island beer festivals hosted each year are: the Newport Craft Beer Festival, the Ocean State Beer Fest, and of course, the Rhode Island Brew Fest.

The state has also become popular for its Rhode Island beer passport. What is a Rhode Island beer passport, you might ask? What was once an actual passport-like paper booklet that you could take to Rhode Island breweries and get stamped for rewards, discounts, and prizes, has now been transformed to an app for your phone that has all the same features along with some extras.

With so many incredible Rhode Island craft beers, we have found the most popular and visited craft breweries in Rhode Island are: Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island, Foolproof Brewing, Proclamation Ale, and Revival Brewing.

We have had the pleasure of featuring some of the best beer in Rhode Island from some of the best craft breweries in Rhode Island, including: Foolproof Brewing Company, Grey Sail Brewing, and Newport Storm Brewery. We are always looking for new Rhode Island breweries to add to our monthly craft beer club shipments, and hope to have more in the near future. Cheers!

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