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The Keystone State

Pennsylvania brewery history began in 1663 when William Penn II created his own brewery in Pennsburg. This Pennsylvania brewery is how beer was introduced to the state. Fast forward to 1879, and Pennsylvania was the second largest brewing state in the nation.

From the late 1700s to the 2000s, the some of the most popular breweries in Pennsylvania were: John F. Betz & Sons, Point Brewery, Mount Carbon Brewery, Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing, Christian Schmmidt Brewing, Reading Brewing, Latrobe, Brewing, and Duquesne. However, none of these breweries exist anymore, with Latrobe Brewing being the last of these to close down in 2006.

While this list of brewers has been shut down, there were however, a significant amount of breweries that survived and still remain apparent today! These include: Iron City Brewing, which began as Pittsburg Brewing in 1899, Straub Beer, which has been around since 1872, and Lion Brewery, which started in 1905.

Although all of these breweries still remain, one brewery stands out, D. G. Yuengling & Sons. Yuengling opened in 1829, and is still around today, making it the oldest brewery in Pennsylvania still in existence today. This brewing company produces around 2.8 million barrels of beer each year, awarding them the title of largest craft brewer in the nation.

Dock Street Brewery is arguably the states first microbrewery to open after Prohibition in the year 1985. This company is known for its Pennsylvania craft beer receiving the first GABF (Great American Beer Festival) award in all of the state, which has since accumulated over 235 GABF awards!

There is also a substantial list of events and Pennsylvania craft beer festivals, including: the Philly Craft Beer Festival, the Lancaster Craft Beerfest, Greensburg Craft Beer Week, Kennet Brewfest, Blocktoberfest, Brew-chanan Fest, Great Brews Beer Festival, Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival, Fear ‘N’ Beer Brewers Fest, Pints of Chester County, and so many more that happen throughout the year.

A list of breweries in Pennsylvania that everyone who visits must try, are:

• The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company
• Pizza Boy Brewing
Sly Fox Brewing Co.
• Stoudt’s Brewing
• Tired Hands Brewing
• Tröegs Brewing
• Victory Brewing
• Voodoo Brewing
• Weyerbacher Brewing
• Yards Brewing

We have had the pleasure of featuring top-notch craft beer from some of the best craft breweries in Pennsylvania, including: Wyndridge Farm, Rusty Rail Brewing Company, Saucony Creek Brewing Company, Evil Genius Beer Company, and Erie Brewing Company.

We are always looking for new Pennsylvania craft breweries to add to our monthly craft beer club shipments, and hope to have more in the near future. Cheers!