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With a deep Native American history, Oklahoma’s first beers came from the Choctaw tribe. In 1894, this beer, which has come to be known as Choc Beer, was made by combining the ingredient: barely, hops, tobacco, fishberries, and a minute quantity of alcohol. Interestingly, this was really the only instance of Oklahoma beer early on.

In 1919, the Italian Pietro Peigari came to Oklahoma and began brewing what we metioned early, Choc Beer. His beer became so popular among the coal miners that he was able to keep Choc Beer Company afloat as well as open a restaurant a few years later in 1925, which he called Pete’s Place. Although keeping this open during Prohibition made him successful, it also led to him serving two jail sentences.

Post Prohibition in 1933, Oklahoma beer with an ABV of 3.2% or less became legalized. The Czech man, John Kroutil took advantage of this opportunity brewing the first legal 3.2% beer in 1934. It wasn’t until 1959 that Prohibition was completely repealed and harder alcohol was officially allowed.

Also in 1959, Progress Brewing was sold and changed to Lone Star Beer. It remained this way until the year 1974.

In 2018, Oklahoma began switching from 3.2% beer to stronger Oklahoma craft beer, and many stores were seeing a shortage in beer. While trying to make a smooth transition from the light beer to the stronger beer, they began selling out faster than they were putting beer on the shelf, which resulted in an Oklahoma beer shortage.

A few Oklahoma beer laws still exist, specifically regarding the questions: what time can you buy beer in Oklahoma, and can you buy beer in Oklahoma on Sundays? Liquor stores in Oklahoma allow the sale of beer between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight on all days EXCEPT Sunday, on which day you cannot purchase beer. The allowed Oklahoma beer alcohol content reaches up to an ABV of 8.99%.

A biggest attraction in the beer world of Oklahoma is the Oklahoma craft beer festival, which often features over 80 breweries and nearly 400 beers on tap. The event focuses on Oklahoma breweries and beer producers, with some from out of the state and others from out of the country.

Some of the must visit Oklahoma breweries are: American Solera in Tulsa, COOP Ale Works in Oklahoma City, Marshall Brewing in Tulsa, and Prarie Artisan Ales which has locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and McAlister.

We have had the pleasure of featuring some of the best beer in Oklahoma from some of the best breweries in Oklahoma, including: Mustang Brewing Company and Choc Beer Company. We love trying new beer from different Oklahoma craft breweries to share with you in our craft beer of the month club shipments.

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