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North Dakota

The Peace Garden State

North Dakota was a state with an early prohibition, but had interesting ways to continue the beer industry around the dry clause. At the time, illegal taverns were opened and given the name Blind Pigs, for they offered an “attraction” for a fee, such as a pig or animal. In here, they would offer alcoholic beverages.

Drinking in North Dakota wasn’t seen as the worst thing ever, but since the original North Dakota settlers came from Europe, and most were conservative Christians, public intoxication was seen as a huge disappointment.

Prior to the 90s, there was only one brewery in North Dakota and that was Dakota Malting and Brewing Company. This Bismark brewing company only survived four years, from 1961-1965.

The oldest brewery still in existence in North Dakota is Fargo Brewing Company. Fargo Brewing is also one of the two craft breweries North Dakota to win any ABF awards. The other GABF medal winner was Dakota Brewing, which has since been closed down.

North Dakota is one of the least populated states, however, they have one of the highest consumption rate per person. Consuming 1600 gallons annually, this translates to over 40 gallons of North Dakota beer per individual.

Some of the most popular beer in North Dakota comes from the best breweries in North Dakota, which are: Drekker Brewing in Fargo, Laughing Sun Brewing in Bismark, and Souris River Brewing in Minot.

We have yet to feature any North Dakota breweries, but we hope to feature some in the near future! We are constantly looking for new delicious craft beers from breweries all around the country to send to you in our craft beer of the month club shipments.