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The Missouri brewing history began back in 1840 with John Adam Lemp and the establishment of his brewery Western Brewing. This brewery was passed from father to son, William, and by the year 1870 only a few decades later, was regarded as the largest brewery in St. Louis. This remained true until Prohibition took effect.

Next comes the story of the largest brewer in the nation. George Schneider was responsible for founding the Bavarian Brewery in 1852. Just before reaching bankruptcy, the company was bought by William D’Oench and Eberhard Anheuser who together decided to rename their new brewery E. Anheuser & Co. Fast forward to 1861 and Anheuser’s daughter was married to a German man of the name Adolphus Busch. In 1869, Adolphus Busch decided to buy out D’Oench’s share and alas Anheuser-Busch was born.

They became the first to use and introduce pasteurization, improve refrigeration, and were one of the first company’s to bottle large quantities of their beer. This company was also one of the only companies to successfully make it through the Prohibition, making them an inspiration, while still making it hard for other up and coming brewers to make a name for themselves.

Post-prohibition, the first independent brewer to open was Boulevard Brewing in 1989, and is one of the most popular Kansas City Missouri breweries. They have won several GABF medals for their bold Missouri craft beer styles.

Missouri has a few alcohol laws, one being what time and how late you can buy beer in Missouri. From Monday to Saturday, beer can be purchased from 6 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. and some can purchase a special license for a fee allowing them to sell beer on Sundays between 9 a.m. and midnight.

Every year in March, Missouri hosts their annual Missouri Beer Festival. This was started back in 2010 and was first hosted in the Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center. This festival is put on each year to celebrate all the incredible craft beer from Missouri.

With so many of the best breweries in Missouri, the highest rated, must visit breweries are: 4 Hands Brewing in Saint Louis, Log Boat Brewing in Columbia, Mother’s Brewing in Springfield, Perennial Artisan Ales in Saint Louis, Piney River Brewing in Bucyrus, 2nd Shift Brewing in New Haven and Saint Louis, and Side Project Brewing in Maplewood.

We have had the pleasure of featuring Missouri beer from the magnificent Missouri craft brewery O’Fallon Brewery. We are always trying and looking for new Missouri breweries to try and feature in our craft beer of the month club to share with you.

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