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The North Star State

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild has claimed that the number of Minnesota Breweries was once over 100. That lofty number has planted roots and the quality of Minnesota Craft Beer is the fruit that was born. Two micro breweries from Minnesota are presented in our monthly Craft Beer Club members: Lucid Brewing - Inbound Brewco and Brau Brothers Brewing Company.

Minnesota is hailed the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” but with the multitude of craft breweries opening up, Minnesota’s lakes may have to take a backseat to the rapidly expanding beer scene. Speaking of numbers, here are a few more facts about the state relative to its beer:

• The average 21+ adult in Minnesota consumes 5 gallons of beer per year - the 11th highest in the US.

• The first commercial brewery opened in 1849 by a Bavarian immigrant near where the parking ramp for the Science Museum of Minnesota is today in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

• At the end of 2015, Minnesota ranked 16th in the nation for the number of craft breweries with 105. (The state went through a growth of 355% over a five year period!).

• There were over 9,000 attendees at the 2016 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival, making it the largest craft beer festival in the Midwest.

• Overall Minnesota’s breweries produced 631,955 barrels of beer in 2015.

• Finally, the economic impact of craft beer in the state for 2015 totaled a staggering $1,324,000!

During the Prohibition days each state seems to have a similar story: entities producing alcohol switched their production or had to cease production completely…legally, at least. Minnesota has many similar stories, however, there are also numerous tales of their “Wet Prohibition” days with breweries going underground to carry on brewing and staying relatively busy. Private basements, hidden storage rooms, false walls and secret hideouts were just a few creative ways locals got around the strict liquor laws. The strong backlash and rising crime rate (something the Prohibition tried to minimize) in Minnesota lead to the Prohibition being called “a total disaster” in the state.

Today, with such enthusiasm for unique and specialty brews, Minnesotans are proud to have seemingly endless options that stretch to every corner of the state. We are excited to be a part of the huge boom of Craft Breweries in Minnesota by featuring some of their excellent beers in our Craft Beer of the Month Club! These have included beers from Lucid Brewing - Inbound Brewco located in Minneapolis as well as Brau Brothers Brewing Company in Lucan, Minnesota. Cheers!