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Kentucky is widely known for its bourbon distilling history, but has recently joined in on the craft beer movement. The most prolific Kentucky brewery was the George Wiedmann Brewing Company, which opened in 1870 and operated until 1927. After the repeal of the Prohibition in 1933 they quickly reopened. They continued brewing independently until 1967, took a brief break, and were reborn in 2011.

Kentucky has become widely known not for its amount of Kentucky breweries, but rather for its unique style of Kentucky beer. A few of these special Kentucky craft beers are the Kentucky Common beer and Kentucky Kölsch beer. The Kentucky Common beer is a top fermented, dark Cream Ale that was extremely popular in Louisville from the 1850s until Prohibition. This once popular style is rarely brewed today, but can sometimes be found under the names Dark Cream Common Beer, Cream Beer, or Common Beer. The Kentucky Kölsch is a top fermented ale brewed by Alltech’s Lexington Brewing Company that uses the traditional German methods combined with a Kentucky twist.

The Kentucky craft breweries and beer scene has especially erupted in Louisville and Lexington. Falls City Brewing in Louisville was a popular brewery opened in 1905, but shut down in 1978. This led to a 15 year drought, with the next brewery, Bluegrass Brewing Company opening up in 1993, which is still around today.

In Kentucky you can buy beer from 6 a.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday, and only in certain counties, cities, or precincts on Sundays, such as Lexington and Louisville. Kentucky has a total of 120 counties, 39 of which are completely dry, 32 which permit alcohol and are considered wet, and 49 which are deemed moist, meaning they are dry but sell alcohol in specific cities, wineries, or clubs within the county.

The best Kentucky craft beers come from some of the best breweries in Kentucky, which consists of:

• Against the Grain Brewery
• Country Boy Brewing
• West Sixth Brewing
• 3rd Turn Brewing
• Dry Ground Brewing Company
• Braxton Brewing Company
• Monnik Beer Company
• Ethereal Brewing
• Dreaming Creek Brewery
• and so many more

Our craft beer of the month club has had the pleasure of featuring Kentucky breweries such as: Wooden Cask Brewing in Newport and Sig Luscher Brewery in Frankfort. We look forward to featuring many more Kentucky breweries for all you beer lovers!

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