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The Hoosier State

The state of Indiana was founded on the influx of immigrants from all over the world and because of that, has one of the strongest beer cultures in the US today. We are excited to have some Hoosier Craft Breweries included in your monthly beer shipments!

Due to groups of immigrants settling in various regions of America, Indiana attracted a number of German and English residents (among others), which lead to its spirited beer heritage. Unsurprisingly, beer culture across America developed similarly - those who established homes throughout the country brought their own beer, and the U.S. being the mixing pot that it is, embraced all of the diversity. Beer accessible from so many different countries inevitably lead to a number of overlapping brew styles. Perhaps this is how America came to have a reputation of veering from the original and trying out some unconventional beer styles and brewing methods.

By 1816, the same year Indiana became an official state, was also a time when Indiana was home to exactly two commercial craft breweries. The first was a Tavern established along National Road (aka Route 40) and the second popped up years later, operated by an English immigrant who ran it until his death in 1831. More small and large breweries came and went throughout the years leading up to the American Prohibition, but once it hit, Indiana’s beer culture entered a dry spell. The hops farms, wheat fields, and bottling companies that were previously thriving in the beer industry were forced to find other work. After the Prohibition, however, there was a rush of huge brands that almost wiped out the micro breweries entirely by replacing the local, full-flavor beers with easy-to-drink and highly carbonated ones. With an uphill battle in front of them, craft breweries fought to bring back their heritage brew styles and eventually regained some traction in Indiana’s beer market.

Today, the craft beer culture is exploding in Indiana and has a number of beer hub cities within its borders. A few of these include Indianapolis, Jasper, Bloomington, Evansville, Lafayette and Oldenburg, which have rich beer lineages and celebrate it by hosting a number of beer festivals throughout the year. You won’t want to miss out on the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival in Bloomington, Indiana which is also the hometown of Upland Brewing Company who we have featured in our monthly Craft Beer Club. We have also showcased some popular beers from Flat12 Bierwerks located in Indianapolis which is known to host a multitude of beer festivals each year. Enjoy!